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Keep Your Commercial Buildings Professional and Spotless!

Do you own a commercial property that requires upkeep for the running of your business? Then Precision Pressure Washing can clean up the property and ensure that you can run your business the way you deserve without any unnecessary distractions. 

With services that can take care of building washing, dumpster pad and gas station cleaning, and also a restaurant and storefront cleaning, you won’t have to deal with the exterior of your commercial buildings at all! We can handle everything for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The building washing services can keep multi-story buildings clean from top to bottom so your business center, apartment complex, or shopping center can remain nice and clean and filled with customers at all times. We are equipped to handle four-story buildings with average equipment but can adapt to handle taller buildings safely with the use of hydraulic lifts as a means of getting the top stories cleaned.

Plus, the dumpster pad and gas station cleaning can keep the hard-to-clean areas of your building’s exterior from getting build-up or stains from oil or grease. This will get rid of current stains and prevent future stains from forming as well. 

The restaurant and front store washing will take care of all of the areas that potential customers can see and maintain the space in a routine that fits your business hours for weekly, monthly, or quarterly options. Not only will this keep the front of your store nice and clean, but it will also help prevent slips or falls from customers outside your place of business to ensure you aren’t liable for injuries. 

New customers can also receive a window washing free with their first restaurant and front store washing service as an added bonus!

Apartment & Commercial Building Cleaning

Is the siding on your apartment building turning green? Does your office space or commercial building look old and dirty? Let Precision Pressure Washing clean it up for you, and keep tenants and customers happy — (252) 599-2323.

Dumpster Pad & Gas station Cleaning

The last thing an employee wants to do is go clean and scrub a dumpster pad or get gasoline stains out of concrete… both are not ideal for anyone. Let the professionals at Precision Pressure Washing make your surface good as new — (252) 599-2323!

Restaurant Cleaning & Store Front Cleaning

People want a warm, welcoming and clean environment when they go out to eat or go shopping, and your first impression is made with the exterior of your space. Let Precision Pressure Washing help you make the best first impression with a clean, shiny exterior!

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