Dumpster Pad & Gas station Cleaning

Keep Your Place of Business Clean and Inviting For Your Customers!

No matter where you work, the last place that any employee wants to clean is the dumpster pad. With commercial buildings having multiple businesses sharing a single dumpster space, you often have overflowing garbage bags and people haphazardly tossing their trash into the area without making sure it gets into the dumpster itself, the surrounding area can be pretty dirty.  

Similarly, gas stations are tough places to clean because of the oil and grease that can easily stain the ground throughout the area. With a high number of cars going in and out of the business throughout the day, it can be hard to clean the area and even harder to keep it clean. 

However, if you have professionals come in to deep clean the area, you can keep the dumpster pad and gas station cleaner from then on without having to clean the area yourself. Precision Pressure Washing offers dumpster pad and gas station cleaning services as part of their commercial services and will pressure wash the area with special cleaning solutions that are able to cut through oil and grease. 

With the use of our commercial equipment, we can wash the area with water that is heated up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. With this highly heated water and our cleaning products, we will be able to give the dumpster pad and gas station a pressure washing that will remove dirt, dust, oil stains, and grease stains with ease and leave the area looking like it was just put in.  

You don’t want potential customers to walk by delicious food spots only to be grossed out by the sight of a dirty dumpster pad nearby, and you don’t want people to think that you don’t clean your gas station because of the stained ground. 

So, call Precision Pressure Washing for a free estimate for your business and get your dumpster pad and gas station cleaned today! 

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