Pressure Washing South Mills NC

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Precision Pressure Washing is the best Pressure Washing Company In South Mills NC! We offer both Residential & Commercial Services in South Mills. Whether you need the exterior of your house washed, or your need a 100-unit apartment building cleaned, Precision Pressure Washing has you covered!

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing
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Residential Services

Whether you need an exterior cleaning, gutter cleaning, need oil/gas stains removed from your driveway or anything else, Precision Pressure Washing has you covered!

Commercial Services

Precision Pressure Washing can make your apartment building, commercial building, restaurant, shopping or retail space look as good as new! We've experienced Commercial Pressure Washers!

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Pressure Washing Services South Mills NC

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Pressure Washing South Mills NC

— Residential Services —

Are you a homeowner or renter in South Mills that wants to keep up the home you’re living in and make it look the best it can be? Then with Precision Pressure Washing, you can keep the house looking like new! From the windows to the roof, and even the concrete driveway, you can have it all professionally cleaned and have your home become the best looking on one in the whole neighborhood! 

If it can get wet, we can pressure wash it — Call the best pressure washing company in South Mills!

House Washing South Mills

Make Your South Mills Home Look Like New! 

Whether you are in need of house washing to help sell your home, get ready for a big family event, or just to do some Spring cleaning, we can make your home look sparkling new with our low-pressure, soft wash method. Get your South Mills home looking like new today! 

Roof Cleaning South Mills

Dirty Roof? Not With Precision Pressure Washing! 

If your roof has darkened since you first got it, it could be from dirt, dust, or algae. All of these issues can be taken care of by Precision Roof Washing services. Instead of needing to completely replace your roof shingles or tiles, you can have us take care of the issue with a pressure washing so you can save money on replacing the entire roof and make it look shiny and new! 

Concrete Cleaning 

Make Your Driveway Spotless!

Is your concrete driveway in South Mills looking dingy and old? Well, you don’t have to live with it. We can clean it with our specialty equipment and detergents made just for this type of job. We will be able to get rid of a variety of stains and imperfections including grease, paint, and oil stains from your cars or trucks. Don’t let your ugly concrete driveway make your South Mills home look bad, get it pressure washed today! 

Window Washing South Mills

Interior, Exterior, and Screens, Precision Pressure Washing Does It All! 

Window spots can be a pain to clean yourself, and after a pressure cleaning from Precision Pressure Washing, you will love how clear your windows look! Take in the lovely view from inside your home with interior, exterior, and screen cleaning. We will remove all dirt, dust, spider webs, algae build-up, and hard water stains to leave your windows spotless for the best view ever! We’re the best window washers in South Mills!

Deck Restoration South Mills

Strip It, Clean It, Stain It, Seal It! 

Wood decks are a great addition to anyone’s backyard, but the upkeep with real wood can be extensive, and if it’s not done, you could end up with algae or mold damage from moisture and water. However, you can help prevent this damage from happening by getting your deck cleaning regularly with Precision Pressure Washing. We will take special care to properly clean your deck and then stain the wood and seal it to prolong its life. By doing this, we can help add up to 12 years of life to your deck in South Mills!

Gutter Cleaning South Mills

Overflowing Gutters? We Can Clean That!

Cleaning gutters in South Mills is a big job for anybody, but doing it alone can be especially difficult. Let us take care of this job for you by offering a professional to come clean out all the debris and collected sticks or leaves from your gutters to ensure that they continue to work properly. We can also brighten your gutters to remove all black streaks to keep them looking bright white. 

Pressure Washing Company South Mills

— Commercial Services —

Commercial properties are typically larger than residential options and require more consistent upkeep to make your business run smoothly. Whether you own an apartment building, restaurant, or other commercial property, we can help keep your property looking nice and clean at all times with our commercial pressure washing services. 

If it can get wet, we can pressure wash it!

Apartment Or Building Washing South Mills

Keep Your Commercial Building or Apartment Complex Clean and Professional!

Whatever business you run, you will need to keep the building up so you can continue making money. That means that you need to keep your building looking presentable, and we can help make that happen. With our Building Washing Services, we will clean up to four-story buildings with ease. If you have a larger building that needs cleaning, we can employ our training and insurance to allow us to use hydraulic lifts to get the job done safely.

Dumpster Pad/Gas Station Cleaning

Keep Your Place of Business Clean and Inviting For Customers!

Some of the dirtiest places to clean for a business are the dumpster pads and gas stations, but with our commercial equipment that allows us to wash your property with up to 200-degree water, we can get any area as clean as possible. Plus, with our industrial-strength cleaning detergents, we can even cut through oil stains and multiple types of grease without any issue! 

Restaurant Cleaning/Front Store Cleaning South Mills

Does Your Restaurant Or Store Front Need A Proper Cleaning? Call Precision Pressure Washing — (252) 599-2323!

Running a restaurant means keeping the interior and exterior of your business clean, but with a business to run, you can leave the exterior up to us! With weekly, monthly, and quarterly options for cleaning, you can choose whatever works best for you. You can also get a free window washing with your first cleaning! From your awnings to your sidewalks, we can keep every area of your business looking spectacular!