Residential Pressure Washing Services

Residential Pressure Washing Company

Does Your Home Need A Good Pressure Washing? We Got You Covered! 

Precision Pressure Washing offers a variety of different residential cleaning services for all your home and residential property cleaning needs. The exterior of your home can be tough to clean when you don’t have a ton of time, but that’s where we step in! Keeping your home clean will help your home and property look nicer and well-kept, and also fend off damage due to algae or moss. 

We can take care of all areas of the exterior of your property from the roof, the outer walls, the driveway, the windows, the deck, and even the gutters! You don’t want to let these things go and allow dirt and debris to build up, so let us come in and take care of all these areas with our special training and equipment that can get the job done in less time so you will have a clean home in no time. 

Our house washing will completely clean the exterior of your home’s walls to remove all dirt and dust build-up with a low-pressure, soft wash method that you will not harm the wood. You can also call us to give your roof a new life with a deep cleaning so you don’t have to replace the roofing. This will get rid of black streaks, dirt, dust, and debris on both the top and sidewalls of your house to make it look like new.

Although your driveway is a place that most people tend to neglect, dirty concrete can affect the overall look of your home. Keeping the driveway up along with the rest of your property will add the final touch to your positive curb appeal. With our cleaning detergents that can get all imperfections, oil spots, and grease out of your driveway, you will feel like you’ve just got your driveway repaved. 

We will also take care of your windows to ensure that they are crystal clear and spotless, and your gutters are free of all sticks, leaves, and debris from the nearby trees. And, so we don’t forget the backyard, we can also help with deck restoration by offering regular cleanings to keep your wood free from damage and seal it for longer-lasting use for up to 12 years!

For all of your residential cleaning service needs, you can call Precision Pressure Washing and we will get the job done right!

House Washing Services

Is your siding turning green? Got some black-colored stuff on some brick? Like anything inside your home, your exterior needs cleaning and cared for once in a while. Let Precision Pressure Washing keep the exterior of your house clean, sanitary and looking good as new! (252) 599-2323!

Roof Washing

 A home’s roof plays a vital role in keeping out the elements, and, sometimes, when your roof gets bogged down with debris from storms, mold or other things, it can lead to a lessened life of your roof. Precision Pressure Washing can help extend the life of your roof by cleaning and protecting it.

Concrete Cleaning

Does your driveway have those pesky oil or gasoline stains? If you’re like us, you want your house to be the cleanest and prettiest in the neighborhood. Call Precision Pressure Washing today to make your driveway or patio as good as new — (252) 599-2323!

Window Washing

Replacing windows can be costly, especially if you have a two or three story house. Hard water stains & mold can grow and lessen the life of your windows. Plus, it’s nice to be able to see clearly from a second story window! Call us today to have your windows looking as good as new.

Deck Restoration

Ah, yes… a warm spring evening. You’re enjoying a meal cooked on the grill, but, all of sudden, you get a jabbing splinter from your deck! Ouch! Precision Pressure Washing can restore you deck to its former glory by sealing any cracks or chips and sealing it to prevent rotting in the future.

Gutter Cleaning

Storms can easily knock leaves, twigs, and other debris onto your roof, which eventually flows into your gutters causing a massive backup. When a big rain storms comes, your gutters will begin to overflow, which means the water isn’t going to drain properly — this can cause some serious damage if not addressed. Let Precision Pressure Washing clean out your gutters today!

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