Deck Restoration

Strip It, Clean It, Stain It, Seal It! 

Wooden decks are an amazing way to add value to your home if you are looking to sell it in the future, or if you are staying put, it adds a space to have more people over to lounge in your backyard than ever before. However, with this lovely addition to your home comes more upkeep. Wood can be damaged by water, algae, and mold, and each one of these issues is worse than the other. 

However, if you have your deck cleaned regularly, then you significantly lower the chances of your wooden deck developing any of these problems over time. If you opt for getting a sealant put onto the wood, then you can also extend the life of the wood by up to 12 years. If you want all this for your deck, then Precision Pressure Washing should be your first call. 

Precision Pressure Washing will handle all the routine maintenance needs of your wooden deck to help restore it to its natural glory and keep it from further and future deterioration. With our expertise on how to strip and clean wood, we can have your wood free from surface damage and properly cleaned in less time than other washers to make your deck look like it was just put in. 

Once it is stripped and cleaned, we don’t just leave it the way it is, we also add a wood stain and a sealant as well to make the wood look like a rich, dark wood that is sealed against algae and mold growth. Sealed decks will commonly last 10 to 12 years longer than ones that aren’t sealed, so this will keep your deck looking brand new for the entire time you are living in the house. 

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