House Washing Services

Make Your Home Look Like New With Our House Washing Service! 

Cleaning the interior of your home is likely something that you keep up with each weekend or so, but the exterior of the building can be a tougher job for homeowners who don’t own the equipment and solutions needed to get the job done right. Well, this is where Precision Pressure Washing comes in! 

Precision Pressure Washing offers house washing services that use an alternative method to pressure washing that is safe to use on vinyl siding, gutters, soffits, stucco and Dryvit but will get your home cleaner than ever before. This soft washing method is not as harsh as regular pressure washing and won’t cause any damage to softer materials that are used anywhere on the exterior of the house. 

Soft washing is essentially a low-pressure delivery system that allows our cleaning solutions and algaecide to be applied to the walls of your home without the dangers of damage from a high-pressure system. The algaecide will rid your home of growing algae and prevent mold growth from occurring, and the cleaning solution has soap that will get rid of all dirt and dust. 

Our soft washing services are available in and surrounding areas of Hertford, Elizabeth City, Moyock in North Carolina and Chesapeake, Virginia. 

Once the cleaning solution with algaecide has been applied and allowed to sit on the surface for an appropriate amount of time, the walls will be rinsed with the low-pressure system until the surface has been thoroughly washed. Once the exterior of the home is dried, you will have a clean surface that is now free of algae, dirt, and dust that is also properly sanitized. 

It should be noted that our soft washing service will not void any manufacturer’s warranties on windows or vinyl siding. Contact us today for our house washing services to make your home look like new again!

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