Window Washing

Interior, Exterior, and Screens, We Do It All! 

Taking a rag and a bottle of glass cleaner to your house’s windows is one way to get them clean, but this doesn’t get everything, and won’t take care of tough hard water stains. In two-story homes, washing the exterior of the windows can be a dangerous job, and if you don’t have the proper equipment for the job, you could risk hurting yourself by trying to get it done on your own. 

This is likely why many people take to using their garden hose to rinse off the higher windows instead, which doesn’t get them as clean as you would like them to be, and can often leave water spots. With Precision Pressure Washing services you can have your household windows washed so they are left perfectly clean and clear when we’re done. 

We will handle all your window washing needs from the interior of each window to the exteriors and all screens as well. Although the service is called Window Washing, we don’t just worry about the glass itself and the screen in front of it, but we will also get all the spider webs and algae around it as well so the area around your windows are free of hanging pieces of webs and won’t start growing moss.  

Plus, our special cleaning solutions will get rid of hard water stains while removing dirt, dust, debris, and algae at the same time. Our pressure system will get rid of all the dirt particles without harming the softer materials used around the window and without putting too much pressure on the glass itself. This allows for a safe and simple procedure. 

If you need your home’s interior or exterior windows and screens washed properly, then give Precision Pressure Washing a call for a free estimate to see how much cleaner your windows can be with our expertise! 

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